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You have to get off from the train at Pulau Sebang station(Tampin).

The journey may take about 5 hours 30 minutes due to the train running slowly.

Some company provide direct transfer to some hotels in Malacca such as Hatten Hotel, Casa Del Rio Hotel Malacca and Equatorial Hotel. The journey from Singapore to Malacca by bus may take 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic condition and Singapore-Malaysia border.

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Book single trip, return trip or multiple trips and enjoy a relax and hassle-free trip at an affordable price.

SGMYTAXI provides 3 types of MPV to choose from; Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard and Hyundai Starex.

It is advisable to negotiate and settle on the price before you enter the taxi as the drivers here are known to increase the fares on sensing visitors.

After arriving in Malacca, presumably safe and sound, the next thing is to get a shower to drive away the kinks of the journey, get on your sandals and set off to town for some fun.

Note that shuttle train called Tebrau Shuttle is the only train service from Singapore.

After that, you can take a train from JB Sentral to Malacca.

Also read: 15 Best Things To Do In Port Dickson The downside of using the NSE is the lack of beautiful features, making the journey more of a formality than a fun trip which is probably what you are in to.

To make up for this, you can choose to go the long way through Batu Pahat, Buddhist House and Penghulu’s House. You actually have to force yourself to focus and not get tempted to visit the numerous ancient mosques and tombstones which are architectural masterpieces in their own right and of course the picturesque hot springs.

This little town is a perfect blend of traditional culture and modern lifestyle, coupling with amazing sights, sound and gastronomic delights that will leave a good taste in your mouth!

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