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Depicted in this story are naked females using their bodies to smother and kill victims.

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It was almost as if I wanted to make her malicious booty pay for being so fucking tempting.

I shot my load deep inside Malice's asshole, flooding her bowels with my hot manly seed.

I had some time to kill so I flew in from our headquarters in downtown New York City to Boston. Ever since I was younger, I've been fascinated by the hood. Her big body was covered with sweat and she had a dazed expression in her face. The big black woman began to suck my cock and lick my balls energetically.

The lifestyle of gangsters, thugs and big-booty ghetto bitches. So much that I regularly come to the hood for some wicked fun. He sat on the couch, his long and thick black cock hanging out. I smiled, and told her to get on her knees and suck my dick. I grinned, and looked around the room, watching the others as they did their thing. He began fucking Isabel hard and fast, slamming his cock into the big bald black woman's asshole.

Boston Military Academy's Department of Athletics offered Men's Interscholastic Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing, Football, Wrestling, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Rowing, Powerlifting, Crew, Track, Volleyball, Swimming, Water Polo, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Rifle, Pistol, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Squash, Rowing, Badminton and Equestrian. A woman's asshole is a beautiful thing, when your dick is pounding it.

We competed against both public and private schools around the nation in Division One High School Athletics. I began pounding my cock into Malice's asshole like anal sex was going out of style. I've had the pleasure of relieving countless women of their inborn arrogance and wickedness through therapeutic anal pounding.

If you're a normal, sane person who's got better things to do, you'll probably say no. I'm an adventurous man and I need to see what kind of trouble I can get into. Oh, there are some white females in the hood too but for the most part, it's the blacks and the Latinos. Apparently, Big Booty Malice was a firefighter with a sexually adventurous lifestyle. First, there was a tall and thick, big-bottomed, chocolate-skinned bald chick named Isabel. Then, there was Samuel, a tall and good-looking young black man. She was on her hands and knees, sucking the older black man's long and thick black super cock. The white chick took all the cock he had to give, and then some. Marisa winced as Hank's cock slid into her asshole. He held Marisa by the hips and began pounding his cock into her ass.

If you're a cheerful sort of psychopath who craves thrills, what's your answer? As I walked around the hood, I came across a rare sight. That's what makes the hood the land of thick women with big butts. Over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a thick, plump yet firm-looking body. She had been known to sleep with both men and women. He claimed to be Isabel's boyfriend and had his arm around her. Apparently, he was some kind of bigshot, widely read and popular erotica writer. Last but not least, there was Big Booty Malice herself. Damn old stud, he was giving the big white woman's ass the anal pounding it deserved.

My brother James Costa was a senior at Harvard University at the time.

Our father, Leroy Lancaster Costa was grooming him to become president of the family business. Definitely the biggest, baddest and most beautiful ass in town.

When we got up, I noticed that the others were watching us, smiling.

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