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And I think a lot of people can relate to that uncertainty. Would you be interested in making another movie in the genre-bending style of Paper Heart?Making the film didn’t necessarily change my own perceptions on the subject, but I was definitely inspired by meeting all of these amazing people and hearing their stories. NJ: Charlyne, Jake Johnson and I are writing a pilot for HBO right now.

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MM: What do you hope viewers take away from the movie on the nature of love?

Did making Paper Heart change your own perceptions of the concept???

Werner Herzog, in particular, was a big influence because of how he plays with truth and fiction in his work.

On the other end of the spectrum, Charlyne had me watch Far and Away because that was one of her favorite love stories and I had never seen it. MM: Was the blending of fiction and reality a difficult balancing act?

In the interview, he seemed extremely confident in his ideas on true love and who he shared it with.

But later, when he tells us his story of nearly dying, I felt like he was realizing on camera that maybe he was wrong.

So we actually had a lot of fun with the character at times, sort of making him that cliché independent film director that puts himself in his movie.

But, ultimately, the character worked best as an on-screen friend for Charlyne, so she didn’t have to talk directly to the camera to get information across.

NJ: Love is definitely a subjective emotion, but hopefully with the variety of stories and views we present, everyone can find something to relate to in the film.

So I think different people will take different meanings away from the film.

We thought it would be interesting to present a realistic fictional romance alongside the documentary footage of real people and couples. MM: Were there any movies you looked at for inspiration in crafting the very unique tone of Paper Heart???

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