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Wrap your arm around her and gently stroke her stomach or kiss her neck. If she reciprocates, do her a favor and brush your teeth first.

DON’T: Expect a morning delight just because she gave it up the night before.

The problem with getting advice from friends or online critiques is that they basically amount to anecdotes.

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“Communication is really the lube of having great sex.”DON’T: Wait to tell her you’re not looking for anything serious until after you get it on.

It’s not fair to her, period, if you know you’re going to bounce right away. Guys rarely, if ever, consider this simple gentlemanly gesture.

It’s respectful to her, and feel better about yourself in the morning too DON’T: This goes without saying, but don’t try and persuade her to have sex with you if she says no. It’s much better to be upfront about what you want so she’s not confused, and it’ll save you looking like an ass later.

Asking a second and third time will only make you look desperate and annoying. “Communicate what you are looking for,” says Toyooka.

She may be uncomfortable, too hungover, or—apologies for being blunt—she just might not find you attractive when she’s sober. If you happen to hit it off with someone and you’re really enjoying her company, there’s no reason a one-night stand can’t turn into something more. “Don’t let someone know you will text them in a few days if you have zero interest in seeing them again,” says Toyooka.

A dating app in which 95% of the guys are looking for casual sex or nudes to jack off to, and 95% of the girls are either looking for bae or just want to make friends...As the CEO of SCRUFF, one of the largest gay dating apps in the world, I take these reports seriously.While there are measures we have taken to protect our community, it's critical that all users understand the benefits and limitations intrinsic to location-based apps.After years of stereotypical depictions of intergenerational relationships in TV, porn and movies, it's increasingly clear that our community would do well to shed these hang-ups.We may well be strong, capable and sexual, but without desirable older role models, without a positive, normal vision of what an older gay man can be, we're stunted.“I totally forgot I have breakfast with my mom at 10 a.m.” is not only a crock of shit, but also, extremely rude.

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