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The practice of destroying mummy masks to retrieve ancient texts has been the subject of much controversy.While Evans claims that the masks being destroyed are not high quality ones, and the results can be significant with dozens of fragments extracted from each mask, others have argued that the ends do not justify the means.Interesting stuff even if poor Josh Mc Dowell makes a fool out of himself.

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John Mc Dowell, a Christian evangelical apologist and one of the main persons involved in taking apart mummy masks, has perhaps attracted the most scathing criticisms.

In a video in which Mc Dowell is filmed talking to an audience , he presents slides of the work he has done to extract papyri from mummy masks. Most scholars they’ve never touched a manuscript, you have to have gloves on and everything [laughs], we just wash them and hold them in our hands, we don’t even make you wash your hands before.

It has been estimated that over 1500 calves were... Peter is an artifact believed to have once been in the possession of St. Bible stories say the right ear of one of the high priest’...

Archaeologists and world media are getting excited.

457 was most probably written—a judgment I should be much more loth to pronounce were it not supported by Sir Frederic Kenyon, Dr. Their method is solid and responsible, both scholars have a tremendous track record, and in general I don’t find much to disagree with, even though in some of the finer distinctions Orsini and Clarysse make I cannot always follow them.

A 2012 article by Orsini and Clarysse provides exactly this re-evaluation.

Until now, the oldest surviving copy of a gospel is generally accepted to be the Rylands Library Papyrus P52, also known as the St John’s fragment, a fragment from a papyrus codex, measuring only 3.5 by 2.5 inches (8.9 by 6 cm) at its widest; and conserved with the Rylands Papyri at the John Rylands University Library Manchester, UK.

Although it is generally accepted as the earliest extant record of a canonical New Testament text, the dating of the papyrus, which has been placed between 117 AD and 138 AD, is still a matter of debate.

Now a team of scientists claim to have found the oldest known Gospel fragment – the Gospel of Mark, written before the year 90 AD.

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