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“I’ll have two cups and then switch to decaf,” he says in his deep southern drawl.

Frustrated with dating scene

When I see someone in an airport lounge or on the beach reading one of my books, it still makes me smile, 30 books on.” As for the bad reviews, he stopped reading those more than a decade ago.

“I could read two or three good ones and then one bad one would make me want to go and shoot people, so I decided it was best to ignore them.” Even so, the headline on one particularly vicious review of The Client, back in 1993, has been hard to forget. “That was pretty nasty, but if I saw it now, it wouldn’t bother me at all.” Besides which, it’s his wife of 31 years, Renee, the mother of his two children, Shea and Ty, who has always been his most stringent critic. ’ So people shouldn’t expect any erotic fiction from me.” Nor should they anticipate Grisham returning to professional politics any time soon.

“Ten years ago a movie about a gay couple would have made us all squirm but people are no longer afraid to come out of the closet and have normal lives. “Back in the 1960s, we were convinced that our world would always be white and that we would never integrate.

In the Deep South, where I grew up, that’s the way it was.” Yet the writer was surprised by the racist reaction to Obama both in the run-up to his 2008 election and four years later.

“I once wrote a sex scene and gave it to her to read,” he confesses. “The night of the election I sat there watching all those senators and politicians on TV thinking, 'Thank God I don’t ever have to do that again.’ Nothing ever happens in the Senate.

“I thought it was a really steamy, raunchy scene but when I sneaked into the room to try to gauge her reaction she was screaming with laughter. You can’t get anything done because you’re gridlocked by filibustering and partisan bickering.” With Washington now at war, Obama should reach out to the Republicans in the way that Bill Clinton did, he says.

Every morning at seven John Grisham sits down at the computer in his farmhouse in rural Virginia with a strong cup of coffee.

It’s the same computer he’s used to bash out 25 bestsellers, and the same brand of organic coffee he’s drunk for the past 20 years.

“A ball game from time to time is fine but Obama has been too caught up with being a celebrity for the past four years.

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