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One of the most striking aspects of the Brexit referendum result in Wales was the outcome in the south Wales Valleys.Socio-economically these former heartlands of coal and steel have much in common with the “left behind” English communities that leaned strongly towards Leave.As a licensed venue, we canread more The Secret Garden is nestled in the beautiful countryside that is the gateway to the Vale of Glamorgan.

This is where the Welsh capital lies, hugely changed over recent years with some of the finest modern buildings in Britain.

It is the coast stretching round Swansea Bay and Carmarthen Bay and round to St Brides.

This was not articulated simply as xenophobia: a specifically working-class objection to immigration advanced to us was that, by making the jobs market much more competitive, the wages of locals were driven downwards.

Thus, immigration was viewed as working much more to the benefit of managers and companies than for ordinary working people.

And in our select list of wedding venues in South Wales youll find plenty of other reasons for deciding on South Wales as the place to hold your great day. Show Less Built in 1790, Norton House Hotel is a traditional, classic style building set in spacious gardens and only 100 yards from the sea.

The hotel is close to the historic village of mumbles and situated a short drive from Swansea and the Gower peninsular.

They have been staunch electoral bastions for Labour for nearly a century, and the Welsh Labour party was almost unanimous in supporting Remain.

Moreover, the Leave vote appeared to run directly against the Valleys’ self-interest: they have received large amounts of EU aid over the past two decades. On Thursday, Cardiff University published findings from the most detailed research yet carried out on public attitudes to Brexit in Wales.

Putting a blue flag with twelve yellow stars on a new bridge, or the entrance to a new leisure centre, is certainly not a guaranteed way to win people’s hearts.

One final lesson to come from our discussions with Leave voters in the Valleys is not to expect many to change their minds if the Brexit process continues to be difficult, or even if it causes significant economic pain.

In June this year, voters in the south Wales Valleys continued their long tradition of supporting Labour at general elections.

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