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” Macy replied: “Of course not, no one ever does it.

That's why there is absolutely no porn on the internet.” She looked directly at him and as if she couldn't wait for him to answer to that.

He tried to make it sound like a joke, but somehow it came out genuine. She was also wearing boxers, so he had a good look as her nice long legs and thighs and as his eyes wandered upward he noticed that he could see his little sisters nipples through her plain white top and also was able to look down through her breaths.

Although her boops weren't that big he really liked the look of them and now he was really imagining touching his sisters boops and those glorious thighs and pulling down those boxers to see his sisters pussy. That's nothing, these shorts always look like that!

You're a man, everyone knows you're doing it.” Ethan tried to answer but Macy was not finished talking.

“And I bet you like looking at porn while you're doing it.I know it isn't the ideal situation for kids at that age, but there really was no other option.Later that evening Macy was sitting in her room surfing the internet on her Laptop when Ethan entered the room and said “Seems like we're sharing a room tonight! “As I see it, you are intruding into my room and I am allowing you to stay in it. “No way, this is my bed, the floor is good enough for you!While he was standing there he noticed something else: He was actually getting aroused listening to his sister talking about his porn.He was afraid that she could see it, after all, he was only wearing a shirt and boxer-shorts, so he tried to think of something else so that it wouldn't become visible.Slutty tgirls in love with posing nude or masturbating and even fucking on cam.

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