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Sorry.) RALPHUS: Don't know about any discounts on the used materials, but the entire work crew was laid off two weeks later and all went their separate way. introduced me to a Transgender lady but no GIMP activity there. Always curious when I find something random that looks enticing. A story so called "Apache captive" here has no author known. I wonder how much carpentry work they got done in between tying up their female coworkers on the job? She was still working as a carpenter then, and our second 'date' was at her worksite, where her co-workers had her tied up for sex. Could not have sex with her unless she was tied up and whipped. Thank you very much, and thanks also to your lovely actresses for their talented exertions on our behalf. Nice to hear you try to get the blonde guard under the whip.... The victim is just wonderful, in my opinion one of the best ever in your productions, she is not a screamer or a wimp thanks god, she is strong and she bear pain very good.

Saw this on Vimeo and trying to find some more background. I also wonder if they offered a discount on whatever she was tied to because it was..."used"? As for the poll: I have never initiated the idea of Gimp activities to any Lady I've known intimately. And that was twenty years before she introduced me to this forum. As for getting the lovely blonde under the lash, I wonder if the desires of the avid following combined with a significant bonus would persuade her to offer herself to the lash? As for the upcoming Wo P coincidence, it must be the zeitgeist or something in the water. (maybe she likes it) Just make her to be defiant and pride, make her to challenge the executioner, I think you have the right girl to do this, it will make your movie fucking great, especially if you have this blondie whipping her, it can make her really upset and boost the punishment.

It's titled Trapped Sisters and it seems to have the same plot as 12 Feet Deep. It's worth watching for the wide array of truly gorgeous women who appear naked and tortured, even though the GIMP scenes are relatively brief.

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In her fantasies - erotic, masochistic, and full of violence - masked strangers capture, beat, and bind a trio of brave, beautiful women, exposing them to creatures that penetrate, control, and devour them. BTW, I'm not sure why the fire was part of the scene, since the real torture was the tarantula, but it definitely added to the atmosphere. A Viewer, that's not just the same plot as 12 Feet Deep, it actually is the same movie....

Are these just the fetishistic nightmares of one haunted woman's subconscious? if you look at the actors listed at your link, they're the same actors that are in 12 Feet Deep.

A new story: the daughter of a nobleman criticises the local bishop and suffers a terrible fate when the political aims of her stepmother and the church align. ] Back after a month's absence and just catching up with the posts during that time. For those of you NOT into the 'humor' in Bunny's torture, this one is for you!

[ralphus.net] This was a photo I used as inspiration. I love Midlander's 19823, particularly combined with the scenarios that he suggests might explain the woman's dire situation. Check out the newest page posted seconds ago, and laugh... :) Of course today's art with this post is from the update...

As far as the attempted rape it was not gimp worthy, a quick scene in episode one where Livia was pressed against a table and grabs a knife and makes her getaway.

There is a scene when two girls are tied AOH and hosed down, but it is brief and mediocre.A couple of good fight scenes but nothing worth renting for that content.The Poll Question: Personally my fantasy is a bit different, I'm the guy who rescues the girl not the villain.The trailer and description suggests it has some potential. Okay, at long last, here's the Ralphus Edit of La Piloto episode 35, in which the lovely Livia Brito is captured, tied down and bitten by a tarantula."In her fantasies, an ancient, unspeakable thing slumbers in the muck at the bottom of the abandoned pool. I included a bit of the scene afterward when she injects herself with the antidote because she's gasping for air and still appears to be suffering.20118) PL Thanks for your post and for acknowledging mine.

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