Dating for poor people

I do not find that's a good reason to just up and leave on a minute's notice. I would much rather have a man tend to my "emotional" needs rather than financial.And, by that, I mean being kind, listening, touching, caressing, etc.

There is lots of free stuff in the world to do together and I don't mind giving gifts or paying for a meal or movie on occasion. However most poor do nothing to work towards self sufficiency. Why can't more people just live off a small piece of land like the Amish do?

Most people don't have the agrarian skills required to live off a small plot of land and there is no longer a homestead act so aquiring land is prohibitive for many 'poor'.

As such, I cannot contribute financially to dating ventures, unless they are inexpensive. Because I am looking at a long term relationship, I would like someone who could contribute to a "comfortable" future together.

Of course, I would pull my fair share when capable. Actually...someone having financial difficulties is going to be a lot more appreciative of you supporting them emotionally...empathizing that they can't do all the other things like restaurants, theaters, trips, etc..people that have had to eat humble pie, are much more...humble! )Humble,,,,,,,mmmm,,been called that before,,lmao!!!! Harley,,,this is a very true statement,,,have had some try and whooooo me with what they have,,,hey been there before ,,keeping up with society and the jones,,,ughhhh,,was awfull!!!! Excellant credit, strong income, ambition, responsible..then a pending divorce finally ended and it really created a giant hole in his pocket.

I have lots of energy and a strong sex drive, I would want that in my partner ...

I'm out there supporting myself, I'd want my partner to be able to do the same.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Anyone ever dated someone that has no income coming in because of career-changes or going to school? Should I be supportive even tho my bank account's getting depleted all the times we go out? If I decide to date a lady who has no income then I accept her for her and not anything she has ! What is that a reason she is not good enough to be your lady ??Quite often, they are paying out a significant chunk of their monthly income to child support and sometimes even spousal support.And, then there are the extra expenses one must deal with that come up with children, not covered in the basic child support.Personally, I would find more things to do that costs less money or no money at all. Go to the library, get a few books of poetry or short (erotic) stories and read them to her. Some ladies need to be taken out every night and have money spent on them, some ladies are content staying home and cuddling. Hey put more thought into what you are seeking, expand your ad. I don't care what the income is of any lady I date !

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