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Emoji recommendations are based on what you already typed, your most-used emojis, the frequency with which specific emoji characters are used and other parameters.

As you use the Quick Type keyboard, machine learning and artificial intelligence analyze your typed emojis to improve suggestions over time.

I highly suggest using the bigger emoji strategically and sparingly.

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i OS 10 lets you swap out words with emoji representations.

Tap to Replace, as it’s called, works just like that: you tap a highlighted word and Messages replace it with its closest emoji representation.

In order to take advantage of this feature, ensure that the predictive keyboard is enabled: go to Settings → General → Keyboard and slide the Predictive toggle at the bottom to the ON position.

You can also enable it from the keyboard, in any app: tap and hold the emoji/globe icon in the bottom left corner of the keyboard, then slide to Predictive.

A sticker can easily be resized and rotated via a pinch-zoom gesture right before it’s dropped in the conversation.

Stickers for Messages can be static or animated, they show up on your Mac and Apple Watch, too, and there are plenty free stickers in the App Store to get you started.

Up to three emojis sent alone will appear three times bigger.

If you send four or more emojis in a single message, the emoji characters will appear in their regular size.

Your expressive Messages app for the i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch packs in some interesting and useful features related to emojis.

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