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The aim of the current survey paper is to provide a comprehensive and systematic review of recent studies on published authentication protocols for the Io T in four environments, including, M2M, Io V, Io E, and Io S.

More precisely more than forty authentication protocols are selected and examined in detail.

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The Io V is based on the concept of Vehicular Cloud, which offers access to the Internet, and is temporarily created by interconnecting resources available on the vehicles along with Road Side Units (RSUs) [8–10].

According to ARTEMIS-project [11], the Io E is the connection of smart grids with the Internet in order to enable intelligent control of energy production, storage, and distribution.

Figure 1: Internet of Things (Io T) in four environments, including: (1) Internet of Vehicles (Io V), (2) Internet of Energy (Io E), (3) Internet of Sensors (Io S), and (4) Machine to Machine Communications (M2M).

The vision of the Io T will advance based on many new features and will cope with new challenges, as shown in Figure 2, including cloud computing, M2M, Io S, Io E, Io V, social networks, software defined optical networks (SDONs), and fifth generation (5G) cellular networks.

Based on the current survey, open issues are identified and future research directions are proposed.

The forecasters believe that the Internet of Things (Io T) holds great promise for many life-improving applications.

The Io S refers to the possibility of connecting sensors with the Internet using Zig Bee and other IEEE 802.15.4 based protocols [12].

The list of acronyms used in this paper is listed in Acronyms Section.

The first survey article in the literature that was dealing with the Io T concept was published back in 2009 by Cooper and James [14] and focused on the challenges for database management in the Io T.

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