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It might sound harsh, but a fear of having to organize something for themselves will spur your pals into action like having a ravenous weasel up their pants.

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If you’re organizing Prince Harry’s stag party, you can probably afford to be a bit more outlandish than if you’re celebrating the forthcoming union of Homeless Steve and that one-eyed girl who sits outside the chicken shop.

Don’t forget to think about everyone you’re inviting - if even one person your stag wants to be there can’t afford it, you’ve probably gone too expensive. Getting the money on time will be one of, if not hardest aspect of organising the stag weekend.

Similarly, if it’s just you and the stag, fruitlessly chasing each other around a vast paintballing field for three hours will only serve to highlight your tragic loneliness.

Redseven have a top range of activities on offer to decide if that's for you or not.

But, if you’ve never done it before, how can you be expected to know what it takes to organize a good stag do?

There’s loads to think about: who to invite, who to ditch (and how to ditch them), how much to spend, whether to go abroad or stay put, what activities (if any) to do, what fancy dress you can force the stag to wear and, crucially, all the vagaries involved in deciding whether or not to book a stripper. Between the team, we’ve organized countless stag dos, only one of which culminated in flagellation by a Bavarian dominatrix, permanent scarring and arrest.

But be careful, some popular European stag destinations have draconian laws on things like drinking outside or taking your top off and pretending to impregnate that statue of a war hero, and will have no sympathy for a bunch of boozed-up idiots. Sure, one of your boys getting locked up seems like a laugh…

until he rings you from the prison, sobbing uncontrollably and asking you to bring condoms.

Admittedly, it was a Bavarian dominatrix, the permanent scar looks like a nose-Swastika and the arrest means one ex team member can never fly again, but everyone’s allowed one slip up, right?

We’ve also enlisted the help of Redseven, the world’s leading stag do company.

If, after reading this indispensable guide, you still don’t feel capable of organising a killer stag, one quick call to them and it’ll all be done for you, leaving you to sit back and lap up the plaudits.

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