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Two common examples are pasting from the clipboard, and setting the Text property.In either case, if Reject Input On First Failure is true, the Masked Text Box will stop processing the remaining values when it encounters the first error. If Reject Input On First Failure is false (the default), the Masked Text Box tries to process each character individually.Update Based on Hans' answer, I found another way.

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(999)-000-0000 defines a phone number where the area code is optional.

Prompt Char Every required value in the Masked Text Box is displayed with a prompt character until the user enters a value.

For example, the mask (000)-000-0000 defines a phone number.

The zeroes represent digits the user must enter, and the other characters are placeholders that are always shown.

In a Windows Forms application, I add a Masked Text Box to the form.

Clicking the ellipsis on the Mask property opens up the Input Mask dialog.

Since the Validating Type property itself isn't visible in the designer, there doesn't seem to be a way to reset this property using the Designer.

I've also tried going back into the Input Mask dialog box and setting the mask to , which doesn't have a validating type, but it still keeps the existing Validating Type in the designer generated code.

So, is there a way to reset the Validating Type property using the Designer?

Or do I actually have to go into the designer generated code and make the change myself?

Hides the prompt characters when the control doesn't have focus (spaces are shown in their place).

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