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If you want to add photos to a document, however, you'll need to put them in the Photos app.You can use i Cloud Photos or email them to yourself, and then, from Mail on the i Pad, add the photos to your local Photos app.You should only upgrade to i Cloud Drive if your Macs are running OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and your other i OS devices are on i OS 8.

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For example, you've seen that i Cloud Drive displays in the Finder sidebar, giving you quick access to your documents.

But each i Cloud-compatible app also gives you direct access to its files.

However, working with i Cloud Drive can be a bit tricky at times.

i Cloud Drive is different from other types of cloud storage.

Older devices won't be able to access files from i Cloud Drive, though Macs (and Windows PCs) can access i Cloud Drive on the web.

(I discuss that below.) Apple gives you a free 5 GB i Cloud account, but this isn't just for files you store in i Cloud Drive.

With Dropbox, for example, you have a folder on your computer, and an app on i OS devices, and you can access any files you put there, and you can organize them as you want.

i Cloud Drive does not work like this; it stores files in application-specific folders, and, while you can open some files with other apps, there are limits as to how you can move them around and access them.

You can also upload files to i Cloud Drive in this manner.

Managing files in i Cloud Drive can be tricky, for several reasons: different apps, and different devices, use varying methods to access them.

Here's a guide to using i Cloud Drive: how to save files to the cloud, access them from other devices, and use them even with apps that can't access i Cloud.

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