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At this age, Pavelka is brilliant to formulate his name in the trade with a net worth of 0 thousand dollars and still has lot more to supply to the diligence.

He has appeared in six reality television programs in the past few years and among them, he is most notably known for his appearance as the main cast in the hit television reality series The Bachelor.

He is a native of Dallas, Texas and has been active in the entertainment fraternity since 1999 to 2000 and from 2009 to present. Jake Pavelka career details and his personal life information has been the constant subject of interest to his fans in the past.

Jake Pavelka is very well looking with the height five feet ten inches that is 178cm.

Similarly he has maintained his cadaver with wildly aerobics and workout and has prepared him handsome. At this young age, he has already been very affluent and still has stretched out to go in categorize to become one of the very finest but no one will reject that he has budding to do it.

prior to that, on being schooled, he started taking flying lessons when Jake Pavelka age was just twelve.

When Jake Pavelka age was 23 years, he had already obtained a certification as a flight instructor. Jake Pavelka was enrolled in the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University for his education in Aerospace Engineering.

After his stint with The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka was named one of the celebrities to be cast in the tenth season of ' Dancing with the Stars'.

He was the fifth one to be eliminated from the show.

He has also appeared in the second season of Bachelor Pad as a contestant.

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