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Hotspot rentals include all of the day passes for your trip.Simply turn on Skyroam global hotspot and it'll automatically find the best local signal wherever you go, so you don't have to do the legwork.

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Our Email Shield technology specifically targets email attachments to stop threats, wherever they may come from — malicious senders or friends sending malware out unknowingly.

Get big savings with low rates and never worry about roaming fees again.

We have all content cleared and farmed on a weekly basis.

We operate on a merit-based loot council that awards loot based on various factors including, but not limited to; RA, size of upgrade, need of upgraded, raid need, class, and skill.

Simply turn on the hotspot, press start and connect up to 5 gadgets at once.

Buy and activate 24-hour day passes anytime to get unlimited global internet anywhere.

We require the use of Ventrillo during raid time and highly promote the use of gina, or other various trigger tools.

We also highly encourage Gam Parse or other parsing programs.

Buying enables you to keep Skyroam global hotspot and access service at your leisure, only on the days you want.

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