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So I think she respects me because she's much less aggressive and completely ignoring the babies as she did before the broody mama died.

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Now, you might be asking why your other hens didn't do it, but dominant birds don't always do everything that a rooster would do.

Crowing is the least common, usually they just stand watch more, eat less, stop laying eggs, lead the group to new grazing areas, and mount other chickens.

She's been a consistent layer, and was part of a flock of 3 hens.

This change coincides with the death of her two sisters this week (a fox I think) and she's left alone with a new group of 4 week old chicks.

Fun and useful responses folks - thank you :) I love the "freaky hen" link from Tyler, especially the quote "a whistling woman and a crowing hen are neither fit for God nor man." That's my single old woman urban homesteading life - haha!

Seriously though, Sonya is amazing - she crows a few times first thing in the morning until I let them out of the coop, then she's silent for the rest of the day and continues to lay an egg for me dailyish.As the chicks get older, some of them will test her and if they "win" (usually this is just mock fighting), she will stop behaving this way.The chances that she is a hermaphrodite is very rare.Modern terms such as "gay", "homosexual", or "LGBT" do not appear in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels.Moreover, no analogous in-universe term has ever been introduced.I made a note of it: "In a normal female bird only the left ovary is active.

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