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One study showed that galphimia glauca was as effective as lorazepam for generalized anxiety disorder, and it was well tolerated and safe (Herrera-Arellano et al., 2012). Pecknold JC, Mc Clure DJ, Appeltauer L, Allan T, Wrzesinski L. Kobak KA, Taylor LV, Bystritsky A, Kohlenberg CJ, Greist JH, Tucker P, Warner G, Futterer R, Vapnik T.

alcohol potentiates the sedating effects of certain-6

A study found that lavender oil was more effective than placebo for anxiety, had fewer side effects than paroxetine, and had a side effect profile similar to placebo (Kasper et al., 2014).

Another study showed that lavender oil was as effective as lorazepam for generalized anxiety disorder, and does not have the sedative or addictive potential of benzodiazepines (Woelk and Schläfke, 2010).

More studies are needed for L-theanine for anxiety.

Galphimia glauca is a flowering plant, and it grows in Latin and South America. Does tryptophan potentiate clomipramine in the treatment of agoraphobic and social phobic patients? St John’s wort versus placebo in obsessive-compulsive disorder: results from a double-blind study.

Other OTC medications to consider for anxiety include natural supplements, which include dietary and herbal supplements.

Natural supplements have research studies showing preliminary effectiveness and safety for anxiety.

Although most of the medications for anxiety disorder are only available with a prescription, a few OTC medications could be considered for anxiety.

Benadryl, or diphenhydramine, can be used to reduce anxiety symptoms.

It’s the convenience of going to the pharmacy and picking an OTC medication to treat any symptom you may have, be it a headache, muscle pain, fever, or cold.

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