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Objectifying a woman reduces her worth down to her physical appearance.

It reflects the view that women’s bodies are objects of sexual pleasure without regard for the living, feeling, thinking people inhabiting them.

To determine exactly how frequently American women perceive it happening, researchers contacted participants throughout the day via a smartphone app.

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Research has shown that objectification of women opens the door to a whole host of other issues, including not taking women’s work and accomplishments seriously, sexual violence, increased concerns about appearance and lower self-esteem.

Experiencing objectification from strangers may be particularly demeaning because unknown others never have the opportunity to dig deeper and truly know the woman as a person.

Women whose responses indicated more partner objectification were less satisfied with their relationship – even when the women reported that they enjoyed being sexualized.

This suggests that despite liking sexualized attention, it may encourage objectification from a male partner, which may ultimately undermine the relationship.

But her male co-workers’ reactions are objectifying and ultimately may not produce the empowerment Joan desires.

Objectification occurs when one person treats another like a thing or commodity, ignoring his or her humanity and dignity.The women reported seeing other women being objectified even more frequently, a little over once a day.Perhaps due to its frequency, sexual objectification of women may seem normal.If a woman enjoys being sexualized — like Joan from “Mad Men” — would objectification promote relationship satisfaction?In the first study, the researchers recruited 114 women in heterosexual relationships: 9.6 percent dating, 28.9 percent steady partner, 8.8 percent engaged, 16.7 percent cohabitating and 36 percent married.But feeling more desired didn’t relate to women enjoying sexualization more.

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