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The fistula program at Hanano Hospital had just been opened after years of instability in the region left Somalia without any fistula treatment centers.

Women and Health Alliance International and Fistula Foundation have partnered to bring free fistula surgeries to the women of Somalia through this new program.

Balthamel (BAHL-thah-mell), formerly known as Eval Ramman, is one of the thirteen Forsaken who was trapped at Shayol Ghul due to the Dragon's sealing.

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This was the fifth child she had carried, although at the tender age of 23, already three of her children had died.

She was in labor a long time without any progress—many days, it seemed—before she was eventually taken by her relatives to the nearest health facility.

It is fair also to say that fashion shows are rarely celebrations of ethnic diversity.

The number of models who are not very tall, very thin and pale-skinned can usually be counted on the fingers of one hand. She’s been signed by the international model agency IMG Models, which represents the…

My baby could not be saved and I developed what I later learned was an obstetric fistula.

My husband left me because he could not stand the smell caused by my injury.” Hanano Hospital, Somalia Halima was in her twenties when she endured a horrible childbirth that left her with an obstetric fistula.

Lured by the promise of endless life, the historian was easily swayed to join The Shadow during the middle years of the Collapse.

During his time as one of the Chosen, he ran an extensive intelligence network, bested only by that of Moghedien, and committed several great atrocities - for example, he raised and organized breeding camps for humans to be fed to the Trolloc armies.

After manhandling Nynaeve al'Meara, Balthamel was confronted by Someshta who would not allow them to cause destruction in his home.

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