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Pow, like a two by four to the face, I knew my kid was holding back, having returned from her moms, but when I coaxed out her reason, wow, I was crushed, felt weary, beaten, She had decided that she wanted to try living at her moms, who had gotten an aparment, finally, after living at her moms for years.

She would have to switch schools, be an hour away from me and her friends, but she was determined, I knew I had to surrender, it was hard, but she needed to do this, why, I didnt care to guess, her mother was a cunt, straight up, miserable cunt.

Her mother was a drunk, hated her dad, nice family, I offered her real sympathy, she asked if she could hang at my house, I agreed, not thinking she meant even when my kid was at her moms, not that I still wouldnt have agreed, because as we hugged, me as a token of comfort, her fat tits grinding into my chest, her soft hands on my neck, her smell, glorious, sensuous, her smell, the way her hair bounced at the slightest chance, her smile always slightly wicked, her eyes soft, open, caring, I was shocked at my feelings, heart racing, breath quickened, jesus, my cock was stirring, not full on, but it was aware prime cunt was near.

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That she told all her friends, started to see her mom more, really stunned me, how quick she had moved on, but I did the same, all ready planning my suden lack of any responsibilities.

To be able to bring anyone back to my house, when ever would be nice, so this time was not stressed at all, as I was a fast healer, did love her, knew she would be all right, she would either return, or become her mother, oh well, it was out of my hands, I refused to worry about shit I couldnt control, decided to let her have fun her last months home, letting her have friends sleep over several nights a week, this is where things take a turn, as they say The first few times I met Jill, she left no real impression, no first round knockout.

No I wrestled with it, but never considered stopping it, only how to manage it, so I guess I wanted it to happen, still felt like maybe I misread her intent, no I didnt, she was going to push me, she knew it wouldnt be a big push, we both knew what that fucking kiss implied, of that Im sure.

After giving the girls sodas and snacks, trying not to catch Jills eye, doing it anyway, her smile half sexual half innocence, or I projected that, quickly back downstairs, laundry room, a single dads day never ends.

Feeling worse, trying to get away, made her upset, we forced ourselves to talk it out, that I would admit my sexual feelings for her, that I was lonely, that I viewed her differently from her peers, who from the sound of things were having a great time cyberbullying a girl in their class, seems my kid was becoming her mom all right,so sad, so real.

Agreeing to talk later, Jill, with an awkward kiss, throwing her lips at my face, eyes closed, me catching her soft, full, hot lips, savoring their brief touch of mine, the electricity real, her eyes opening, staring at each others souls, that was fucking wild, she stumbled going upstairs to join the party, a look of confused lust making her glow, me feeling torn, yucky for not stopping this train, flushed with excitement, how alive she made me feel, not only the possibilites of her young, supple body, her mind, her quick comebacks, the ability to carry on conversation, fuck, she read books, real books, not because she had to, she wanted to, the broads I dated all read fucking People, like the words mattered.

We spent scant time kissing, grabbing, giggling, lamenting, her flesh so hot to the touch, her parting actually hurting my heart, the void of not having that joy beside me, a dark, stark life.

Slept like a log, finally accepting that she was mine, my cock would part those superb lips in hours, that was enough, all the drama wore me down, daughter leaving, Jills coming into my life.

Mindlessly folding shit, thimking nothing, she startled me, feet away, smile beaming, inviting, she was radiant, I dropped the clothes, kissed her, she responded hard, clumsily grabbing for my cock, almost smacking my boys, bad opening play on her part, I would teach her, its my gift.

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