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Consumers need accurate information about the providers and facilities that are in health plan provider networks when shopping for coverage.Visit the California Medical Association or the California Primary Care Association to learn more about what these new provider directory regulations mean for you.The first high-rise venture for southern Midtown in ages is rising quickly on Peachtree Street.

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We’re happy to help you validate your information, answer any questions about the new regulations, or help you through our validation process.

Just email [email protected] we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The following screenshot shows auto-complete suggestions for a class and quick info tooltips using the new Intelli Sense engine.

The extension enables the new Intelli Sense experience by first trying to fully parse any opened file using the new Intelli Sense engine.

The architecturally intriguing building represents just one of numerous big investments coming to the long-overlooked southern reaches of Midtown.

Across the street, work is wrapping up to revamp the dated office block where Honeywell recently announced they would be relocating workers.Please respond to all verification requests from all vendors or health plans.The data you verify will be securely shared with participating health plans to update provider directories.Failure to verify your information may result in any of the following corrective remedies: removal from health plan print or online directories, delay of payments, or, for a repeated pattern of non-responsiveness, termination of health plan participation agreements.Health plan enrollees need accurate information about which providers and facilities they can visit in-network.You will get improved, more accurate results for several Intelli Sense features, including auto-complete suggestions for class/struct/namespace members, quick info tooltips, and error squiggles (linting), all powered by a new semantic engine.

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